• Tenderized Abalone Steaks


    Let us clean, tenderize, and prepare your abalone so you don't have to. We tenderize our abalone steaks the same day they are shipped, and they are always fresh, never frozen. Our abalone are grown 100% organic (no antibiotics, no nutrients added) and raised on a diet of local kelp which we harvest ourselves. The tenderized steaks are ready to cook right out of our vacuum sealed package, making them the perfect product for busy chefs, CSFs, or anyone not wanting to deal with a live abalone. We ship our steak packages overnight on ice to ensure they are fresh when they reach the customer. Check out our recipes page for some great suggestions on preparing our abalone steaks. 

    Each abalone steak is about 1 oz. 

    4 Steaks per Package.

    *No Shipping Friday, Saturday, or Sunday

    * Minimum order $40